We are a Fuegian company dedicated to spread our values and customs with the products and services we offer.

Tierra de Humos History

Tierra de Humos History


Tierra de Humos opened in 1998, and was completely designed with materials and architecture that characterizes old Fuegian buildings.

The name TIERRA DE HUMOS (Smoke Land) comes from the first Spanish sailors who named the island this way given to the large clouds of smoke that came from the fires that Natives started on the shore of the channel.  Nowadays, the name of these lands are Tierra del Fuego (Land of fire) province, Antarctica and Islands of the South Atlantic Ocean.

The brand started as a souvenirs and T-shirts shop; but afterwards we added craftwork products such as potteries, carpets, bijouterie, silverware, mouflons and hand-woven wool caps.


  • Unique T-shirts.
  • Unique Sweatshirts.
  • Regional Craft Potteries.
  • National Craft Potteries.
  • Tin cars.
  • Handcrafted loom woven carpets.
  • Handcrafted loom woven blankets.
  • Cartapesta boats and metal boats.
  • Handmade resin goblins and fairies.
  • Unique souvenirs: Key rings, magnets, woolen caps, aromatic smokes.
  • Women alpaca accessories: Earrings, bracelets, pins.

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